Harmonograph generator

Harmonograph generator

Postby colouredmirrorball » Sat Feb 18, 2012 9:24 am

This show is a simple lissajou pattern generator, created by applying pre-moveX,Y and Z effects to a frame consisting of a very small line with about 160 points. I had to use a line so that the points would be very smoothly connected, which is not the case when you put a number of points at the same location. However because of the used frame being a line there is a small error but it's not noteceable.

I made it so that you can use the live sliders for the parameters: Live >> Open new slider dialog for live control (uncheck the box Enable DMX in in the lower left corner for it to work with the mouse).
The first four sliders (1-4) are the amplitudes, the next four (5-8) are the frequencies corresponding to each value. Sliders 9 to 12 are the corresponding phases varying with time, set these to either 0 or 1 to avoid discrepancies.

WARNING! When all sliders are set to 0 there will be a static beam! DO NOT USE WHEN AUDIENCE SCANNING

Also it's 3D! You can use the Masterbeam window (Live >> Masterbeam) to rotate the pattern using those sliders.

For example a spiral: set sliders 2 and 3 to about halfway and the corresponding frequency sliders (6 and 7) to the same value, for example all the way down. This will result in a circle but when you rotate the effect over the X and Y axis it shows up as a spiral function. Set sliders 10 and 11 all the way down to rotate the spiral.

Have fun!
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