Free Universal Laser Controller DAC Interface Library

Free Universal Laser Controller DAC Interface Library

Postby _LSX_ » Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:39 pm

Happy programmer's day, everyone. This day comes once a year on the 0x100th day of each year. It's a day where we appreciate the programmers who work in dark caves, putting together the patterns of ones and zeroes that make your life and entertainment better.

If you're using a laser DAC that does not have an interface SDK which allows fellow programmers to write you cool applications to use with it, now's the perfect day to send (another) request to your manufacturer that an SDK be released. You could be using Laseroids, LaserPong, LaserCam, ILD SOS, Spaghetti, LSX, and more.

In honor of programmer's day, I'm releasing a universal DAC interface library for Free to developers of free and open source software. This is the same DAC interface library that ILD SOS, LaserCam, and LSX use to control most all of the DACs available on the market. To use the library and gain access to 10 of the most popular DAC types out there, all you have to do is link to the library, query it to see what DACs it detects, and send frames to one (or more) selected DACs, all with the same easy-to-use functions. You don't have to bother with the different DAC dlls and interface types, the Laser DAC Library takes care of that for you, so writing a program to support the most popular DACs is very easy.

Every DAC that has an interface SDK published is supported, including the best laser projector controller DACs in the world:

Lumax (LaserWorld)
EzAudDac (Sound cards)
Medialas Mamba
Showtacle Moncha
Showtacle Fiesta
Etherdream(coming soon)

If you're a programmer and have had an interest in hacking in the laserspace, this is a great time to start.

Send me a PM for more info and a download.

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