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DAC settings

Postby dzodzo » Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:50 am

Greetings, while adjusting the DAC settings i noticed that Y axis of the output was inverted. I had to switch Y axis on the projector so the output is correct. Inverting Y axis in the DAC Settings -> Size/Scale menu would affect only the projected image but doesn't seem to affect safety zones, those remain still inverted. So if i invert Y axis to get correct picture from laser, the safety zone which is set to lower part of image will actually affect upper part of projection and vice versa. In the Timeline Settings -> Output Tragets i found some corrections but there is no invert, maybe if i just turn the grid in Geometric correction upside down it would count as invert :)

Do you know if this is a feature of LSX software or my DAC/Laser? I use Moncha DAC with Kvant Spectrum. In Moncha software it works correctly so i wonder if it's due to implementation in DAC itself. Anyone here has tried with other DAC?

And would it be possible to implement in Output Targets the AngleZ correction in finer steps than 1/100ths? possibly in degrees for finer control? Thanks for info.

Edit: explanation added
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